1.25″ button badges

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I said I created this blog to possibly promote my button badge stores, yet I haven’t really talked anything about button badges *sigh*

So today I’m going to talk about the button badges. I make 1¼”, 1.25 inches, 32mm, button badges, AKA pinback buttons. Below is an image of actual buttons.

Marc Chagall Button Set

When I took the picture, I had just finished making Chagall Painting Button Set for an order. Believe it or not, fine art painting themed buttons are very popular: to name a few, Dali, Chagall, Miro, Picasso, Klimit

1.25 buton size comparison

As I mentioned above, my buttons are all one size: 1¼”, 1.25 inches or 32mm. I know the most popular size for button badges is 1”, 25mm; however, I felt it was just tad bit small and decided to go with 1.25” when I purchased my button press. I thought and still think 1.25 inches is big enough to see the button design easily at the same time small enough to wear several without taking so much real estate. Picture next is button size comparison with a US quarter (silver coin) and penny (small copper coin). The US quarter is almost identical size to the popular 1” buttons. Yes, the image is small to really inspect anything, so please click the image for a larger image (of course, I wouldn’t forget about you).

pinback for 1.25"

1" button pin

Another reason for me to go with 1.25” buttons was the pin part. By default, any button badge bigger than 1.25” have pinback part securely inserted into the backing part. This means, unless I take out the pin before making buttons, the pin is near impossible to take it out of the buttons. Now if you look at the 1” button, the pin is inserted into the collet (that is a round shaped rim for 1” buttons: they don’t have the second metal backing layer) AFTER the button is made. Therefore it is very possible the button just pops out of pin when yanked leaving you just a pin attached to your backpack, jacket or wherever you put it on. I do not think this happens a lot, but I’ve heard it can happen.

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  1. I love your buttons…they are absolutely fantastic! oh.and you write great!

  2. Your buttons are fantastic! You’re one of my favorite shops on Etsy. ^_~

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